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How an Arlington Car Accident Attorney Can Get You the Justice You Deserve

Being involved in a car accident only takes a moment, but the long-term implications of such an impact can haunt you for years. Not only can physical conditions like chronic pain result from even the most minor of accidents, but some accidents can lead to serious, even life-threatening injuries. Even for those who have been significantly injured by a car crash, the injustice of the situation can be even more painful than the physical ramifications. In situations where the accident you were involved with wasn’t your fault, it’s important that you seek out the counsel of a skilled car accident attorney in Arlington right away.

The Lasting Damage of Being Involved in a Car Accident

Your life can be changed out of nowhere without warning when a negligent driver blindsides or rear-ends you. After the initial shock has worn off and you’ve assessed any injuries that you or any passenger of your vehicle may have incurred, it’s important to check if the driver or occupants of the other vehicle have been hurt by the collision. Then, if law enforcement isn’t already on the scene, it’s important that you call the police right away.

Even though you may still be dazed from the collision, the next few steps have important ramifications for the justice you will be able to seek later on. If your vehicle has sustained more than $1,000 worth of damages, you’ll need to help a law enforcement officer fill out a Traffic Collision Report form as soon as help arrives at the scene of the accident. Any evidence that you’re able to collect will also prove instrumental when you seek compensation for your injuries or property damage.

While the rush of shock experienced immediately after an accident may make it so that you feel as if you haven’t been injured, many injuries associated with car accidents only make themselves known after hours or even days have passed since the time of the accident. Being involved in a car accident can lead to injuries that limit your ability to work, be involved in the community, or generally enjoy life. The property damage incurred in a car accident can also lead to lost work opportunities, financial hardship, or inability to care for loved ones. If you feel that your accident has led to any long-term consequences not adequately accounted for by any insurance settlements you may have received, it’s important that you sit down with an Arlington car accident attorney without delay to discuss your options.

Seeking Justice for Your Accident

When insurance claims simply don’t cover the damages you’ve experienced, it’s time to seek the help of a qualified lawyer and file a car accident lawsuit. The Tennessee statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits usually allows for one year to file suit for personal injury and three years to file for damage to personal property. Car accident lawsuits in Tennessee usually use the negligence of the driver at fault for the accident as their primary argument. If you are at least partially responsible for the accident, the court will determine if your responsibility exceeds 50%. If the court decides that you are more responsible for the accident than the person who hit you, you will be barred from recovering any damages and your suit will be dismissed. That’s why it’s so important to find appropriate legal counsel before filing your suit that will be able to defend your interests when it comes time to convince a judge that you are owed for your losses.

Arlington Car Accident Attorney Services

The car accident attorneys at GKBM can provide you with comprehensive legal assistance no matter the type of car accident that you have experienced. In fact, these expert attorneys can help you receive compensation for far more than just your average car accident. GKBM’s expert team are well versed in the areas of:

  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Rear-end and head-on collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Accidents caused by driver fatigue
  • Accidents caused by car defects

GKBM Can Help

Getting the help you need is easy. Just reach out to GKBM at their Memphis offices by calling (901) 526-2126 to get set up with expert assistance right away. GKBM can also be reached by filling out their convenient contact form. Being involved in a car accident can be one of the most damaging experiences you’ll ever have to endure. Mitigate the long-lasting effects of being involved in a collision by making sure that you’re compensated for your suffering. GKBM offers free consultations in order to make sure that you are assisted in the best way possible and they only charge for their services if a settlement or verdict is reached.