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Truck accidents are no doubt among the worst accidents experienced on the national highway system. Injuries from truck accidents can range from being fatally injured to suffering moderate bodily damage, often causing extensive damage when multiple autos are involved. No standard vehicle on the highway is a match against an 18-wheeler or other commercial box truck, and any time collisions occur involving a variety of vehicles, the smaller vehicles are always the recipients of the most damage.

This also means these passengers are the most vulnerable. Big truck accidents can also commonly be very complicated to unravel, not to mention being strongly defended by both the insurance companies and the employer. Trucking companies are well known for wanting to control any accident investigation as much as possible from the beginning, and the experienced Arlington truck accident attorneys at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi will understand this tactic. If the trucking company and the insurance provider have a team of lawyers, injured victims need the same legal protection to have any hopes of being compensated equitably.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents are unlike any other collisions on the road. Fatalities are common, often times resulting in wrongful death claims in addition to the personal injury settlement for the decedent’s estate from a standard accident settlement. Injuries are also commonly long-term rehabilitation processes when the accident victim can be successful with physical therapy. Many times the injured parties will not return to their former health status, which also becomes part of the court record for those pursuing whole compensation.

Whole compensation means the injured claimant will be reimbursed completely for the extent of all injuries, including pain-and-suffering. And, that is not to mention the potential for a gross negligence lawsuit that could result in punitive damages from a sympathetic jury in an egregious case. The Arlington truck accident attorneys at GKBM realize the potential high value of a trucking accident case and always work diligently pursuing all avenues of compensation.

What a Truck Accident Attorney Can Do

The first step a truck accident attorney will take is conducting a private investigation of the accident, including crafting a reconstruction scenario that is to their client’s advantage. This can be very important for those injured while driving, as all parties to a collision are evaluated for personal contribution to causation. Regardless of how injured a claimant may be, insurance and trucking companies will still attempt to deflect fault away from the truck driver and emphasize the contribution of the injured plaintiff.

This determination is often the most contentious part of a settlement negotiation, and also where personal injury attorneys represent their clients the strongest. A truck accident attorney can also inspect the driving record of all drivers involved as well as the track record for the transportation company and driver regarding previous citations and fines for violating road and safety rules. Evidence of negligence can be found practically anywhere when a thorough investigation is conducted.

Potential Damages

All truck accidents are not equal when it comes time to settle a claim. Typical recoverable financial damages include funds for medical bills, lost wages, physical property damage, and assorted expenses associated with the accident. A rental vehicle may be available as well during the period immediately following a wreck. These are all benefits that will require an attorney to be provided adequately because insurance company adjusters are keen to knowing when they may be able to settle a claim quickly for a smaller total payout.

The potential damages from a truck accident can be extensive when an aggressive accident attorney has the evidence to prove gross negligence by any opposing litigants. Lawsuits against major companies can result in significantly higher damages than a typical automobile accident when there are extenuating circumstances, and funds are usually readily available. Punitive damages are additional beyond standard compensatory damages, and loss of consortium and wrongful death can be filed as well in most fatal accidents.

Contact the Arlington Truck Accident Attorneys at GKBM

Never attempt to settle a truck accident case personally, especially when the claim involves very serious injury. Always call an experienced truck accident attorney who understands how to build a solid case against all negligent actors and pursue damages from all potential streams of compensation. Who you hire makes a difference. Call the legal professionals at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Mondesi Law Firm and put their expertise to work for you.