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An Experienced Legal Team Assisting Victims of Drunk Drivers in the Bartlett, TN area

Have you or your loved ones suffered harm as a result of an accident caused by a drunk driver in the Bartlett, Tennessee area? Whenever a car accident occurs, the consequences for victims sometimes seem overwhelming. Recovery may require extensive medical or surgical procedures and paid nursing care. An accident may even deprive a family of a loved one. It may cause permanent disabling injuries.

During the aftermath of a drunk driving collision, victims endure significant stress. In addition to sustaining damage to cars, boats, bikes, or real estate, they may face financial pressures. Many victims of these types of accidents find themselves injured a second time as a result of unpaid time off from work, lost jobs, repair expenses, medical bills, and funeral expenses. No one can really prepare for this type of unexpected tragedy.

An All-Too-Common Problem in Tennessee

Yet despite the painful consequences of drunk driving accidents, these incidents still occur far too frequently in Bartlett area. Between 2003 and 2012, a total of 3,423 people died as a result of drunk driving on Tennessee roads (according to the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention). This grim statistic should concern everyone.

When you look up alcohol-related traffic accidents on the website, you’ll notice Shelby County suffered 563 crashes from this cause during 2016 alone. Only Davidson County reported more drunk driving traffic accidents in this state! Residents of Bartlett do indeed run a higher than average risk of encountering drunk drivers in our state.

Knowledgeable Legal Assistance in Tennessee

It may help families to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced Bartlett drunk driver attorney following any accident involving an intoxicated driver. A licensed legal counselor familiar with insurance claims processing procedures and the court system in Tennessee may offer valuable insights and advice to clients during a stressful period in their lives. Accident victims frequently decide to seek legal representation in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident.

Attorneys have received the rigorous training required to evaluate facts and legal claims objectively. These professionals also collect, organize and present evidence during negotiations and contested proceedings. They have learned to identify possible avenues of legal redress available to their clients at a given time. (In Tennessee and other states, Statutes of Limitations may require plaintiffs to bring certain types of legal cases within definite time periods or forfeit their ability to pursue a legal claim. Attorneys seek to help clients comply with Statutes of Limitations requirements and other important deadlines.) At Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC our attorneys represent the victims of drunk driving accidents. We strive to provide zealous advocacy for our clients.

Drunk Driving Cases: A Complex Landscape

An Bartlett drunk driver attorney frequently encounters challenging cases. The legal issues resulting from a case involving a drunk driver may prove complex and confusing for accident victims. The legal team at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC handles a wide variety of these types of cases:

  • Accidents involving a drunk driver damaging property (including real estate);
  • Cases in which a drunk driver injures pedestrians;
  • Collisions involving one (or more) drunk drivers;
  • Boating accidents caused by drunk drivers;
  • Multi-car accidents resulting from drunk driving;
  • Drunk driving accidents involving truck, motorcycles, bicycles, or ATVs, and more!

We represent clients in drunk driving cases during negotiations with insurance companies. We also represent clients during court proceedings. Our legal services extend to assisting clients facing counterclaims from defendants and other litigants.

Our law firm represents clients throughout Bartlett, Tennessee and the Greater Memphis Area. Highways 70/79 and the 385 beltway sometimes experience heavy traffic congestion. When drunk drivers cause accidents along any of the roads in Shelby County, local residents can request a free consultation with us.

Further Information

After an accident involving drunk driving, injured victims may find it helpful to consult with an attorney. Our law firm has served clients in the Memphis area for decades. We provide skilled legal research and aggressive client advocacy. We can draw upon the services of capable investigators and paralegals, and a friendly support staff. To schedule a free initial consultation with us, you can contact our firm online or by calling 901-526-2126.