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GKBM Can Handle Bartlett, TN Bicycle Accidents

Accidents can happen quickly and seemingly come out of nowhere. One minute, you’re on your bicycle riding through town. The next minute, you’re blindsided by a driver going too fast, failing to respect the bike lane or worse, talking on the phone. It can take weeks or months to recover from your injuries. Medical bills will pile up, as they tend to do, while you try to figure out what to do about work. When these accidents happen, it’s not a good idea to go through things alone. People who have been injured in accidents need assistance to help them navigate the myriad issues facing them. A Bartlett bicycle accident attorney can help.

The statistics on bicycle injuries

According to information from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, which advocates for the rights of walkers and bikers, around 45,000 cyclists were injured in 2015 alone. Of those, more than 800 died from their injuries. It’s clear that in Bartlett, Tennessee and around the country, these accidents are becoming a major problem for people who depend on this mode of transportation to get work and those who bike for pleasure, too. In fact, only two states, Rhode Island and Vermont, had no fatalities of cyclists during 2015.

Gaining justice for people injured in bicycle accidents in Bartlett

While not all people who injure other people in crashes are malicious, they are still responsible for their actions. The citizens of Bartlett who just want a safe environment in which to ride their bikes are owed a certain duty of care. When drivers act irresponsibly, they should pay for any damage they might cause. GKBM understands that people who have been hurt through no fault of their own shouldn’t have to pay the high medical bills or dip into their savings because of the accident. Our attorneys represent people who find themselves in this situation, advocating for those people to get the best result possible.

For cyclists who have been injured, there are many potential options. Our attorneys can potentially seek justice through the following measures:

  • Taking to trial the irresponsible driver who caused the damage
  • Seeking a settlement to cover the costs incurred as a result of the crash
  • Seeking relief for the pain and suffering incurred during the accident

Seeking the best results for a wide range of different victims

Having spent time in Bartlett, our attorneys know that not every victim of a bicycle accident has the same story or the same needs. Some have debilitating injuries that will take a lifetime to heal. Others have minor injuries but may have missed work as a result. Others still have lost a loved one to a bicycle accident and may seek recovery on that basis. Every single case requires a different approach to ensure that the victim is getting the proper representation. GKBM attorneys recognize this and sit down with every client to figure out precisely what justice looks like for them. The process will generally entail several steps, including a Bartlett bicycle accident attorney identifying the responsible parties, coming up with a calculation for total damages, and putting together a litigation strategy.

Recovering for Bartlett clients in drunk driving accidents

Many of our clients are injured because the person driving the car was under the influence. When this happens, the emotional pain for the victim can be even greater, and the need to hold the perpetrator accountable is even greater. GKBM has worked on these cases, using vast resources to help people who find themselves in this unenviable situation. Often, navigating bike accidents requires a victim to work alongside the criminal justice system, which may pursue the drunk driver just the same. Our attorneys are skilled at understanding how to handle this process on behalf of victims of these acts.

Contacting GKBM for a consultation

When you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, it’s best to look after your rights by speaking with an attorney. Attorneys can help Bartlett victims by providing a consultation in which victims discuss the case and the potential options. Consultations come free, and our firm won’t take legal fees unless we are able to secure either a settlement or a jury verdict for you. Call us today to arrange a consultation.