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Car Accidents In Bartlett, TN

Statistics show that most people have 1-3 accidents in their lifetime. If you have been injured in a Bartlett, Tennessee crash, there are some things you need to know about navigating the ins and outs of a car accident injury claim.

Insurance Company Agendas

Many consumers are under the impression that paying premiums means their insurance company will advocate for them in a liability dispute. This could not be further from the truth. It is true that your insurance company will engage the insurer for the other driver(s) in order to avoid paying for property damage, but it is key to keep their motivation in mind. Insurance companies are out to maximize profits through every means available. Advocating on your behalf is not part of their agenda and for that reason, they submit most disputes about who pays for property damage to an arbitration system in which only insurance companies are privy to the outcome and process.

If an uninsured or underinsured driver hits you, your insurance company will do everything possible to avoid fair injury compensation just as if you had never paid a single premium. In most cases, the insurance company is your friend only until you have an injury accident.

Witness Statements

It is important to secure statements from witnesses to an accident as soon as possible. When there is a wreck in Bartlett, our team of liability professionals work to secure statements as soon as we are retained. Memories fade and sometimes witnesses can be influenced by leading questions from investigators employed by insurance companies. For these reasons, it is critical to get witness statements recorded quickly.

The Emergency Room Myth

Clinical documentation of physical injuries is a key component of an accident injury claim, but many people think recovery is impossible without a trip to the emergency room right after the crash. The truth is that sometimes the symptoms from an injury take some time to become obvious. Even if someone feels “a little banged up” at the scene of a crash, they might think it will improve or simply have a momentary priority like taking care of kids that takes precedence over what they believe at the time is a minor injury. As long as medical treatment is sought within a reasonable time, the need for clinical documentation can be met.

There is a Deadline

Unfortunately our office regularly gets calls from people who put off consulting a lawyer until it is too late. Tennessee has one of the shortest statutes of limitation in the country, with most claims required to be filed within one year. The best outcome is always an out of court settlement, but when people wait until the last few weeks to consult a lawyer, a lawsuit typically has to be filed and that substantially prolongs the process. In order to get a favorable out-of-court settlement before filing a lawsuit, consulting a lawyer early is imperative.

People Get Better Settlements With Lawyers

With things like home or auto repairs, doing it yourself can save a lot of money, but the opposite is usually true with injury claims. Studies show that people represented by lawyers get 3.5 times as much as those without lawyers. There are many elements to an injury claim that most people would have no reason to know. For example there are seven categories of damages in Tennessee that should be documented if available. Insurance companies use software to evaluate claims and there are certain factors more heavily weighted than others. These are examples of knowledge an experienced injury advocate has that a “do it yourself” person would not.

Medical Correspondence and Referrals May Be Needed

Achieving proper clinical documentation of an injury is more than just obtaining copies of medical records. Sometimes things need to be clarified and our office regularly corresponds with medical providers to make sure the damages from an injury are properly articulated. Occasionally, there are records from multiple providers that need to be summarized and we work with consultants to provide this service as needed.

Do Not Delay

If a negligent driver in Bartlett has injured you or someone you care about, there is no substitute for the peace of mind accompanying a consultation from an experienced injury lawyer. Contact our office for a free consultation.