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Deadly road may be cause of fatal motor vehicle accident

Ideally, people who enter vehicles arrive at their destinations without being injured in an accident. Unfortunately, being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a reality for some individuals. Typically, the causes of an accident can be prevented, but there are some situations that cannot be anticipated. In one case, Tennessee residents blame a recent fatal accident on the roadway on which it occurred.

In a tragic accident, a car reportedly crashed into the rear end of a tractor-trailer. According to police, the truck was attempting to turn into a local trucking business. The owner of the company reportedly anticipated the unfortunate event because the location is like a blind spot. While the accident is reportedly still under investigation, it was said that the truck driver did not cause the wreck.

The road on which the accident occurred reportedly has citizens concerned about their safety. The owner of the company reportedly requested to have a turning lane added to the road prior to the accident but was denied by the state. The reported reason behind the denial is that studies need to be conducted on the area to determine if the added lane would be appropriate, but at the time of the report, the study had yet to be conducted. The state supposedly offered the owner the chance to add the lane at his own expense, but the owner declined.

There are times when the cause of a motor vehicle accident is relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, there are some situations where a municipality may be to blame, which may create unique issues for Tennessee families seeking to file personal injury claims. Still, if guilt is proven, a family in a situation similar to that of the deceased man’s family may be able to file a claim for the damages and pain and suffering that they incurred due to the loss of their loved one.