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Drive Safe During the Holidays

As reported by the Jackson Sun, 10 people died as a result of fatal car accidents in both 2008 and 2009 over the Thanksgiving weekends in Tennessee. 13 people died in 2007 during Thanksgiving.

In response, the CARE Across Tennessee campaign, launched by state troopers, was conducted with the slogan “Let your little light shine,” in which drivers turned on their headlights to show their support for safe driving, which ostensibly includes a commitment not to drink and drive, which inevitably leads to drunk driver accidents every Thanksgiving.

The side effect of drivers’ support was more visible vehicles.

But Jackson resident Stuart Ganis said in response to the efforts, “You’re going to see the same drunk driving and people killed” over the holidays. Ganis doesn’t believe that such campaigns actually work and that strict adherence to the law is the answer.

Another man, Marshall Jones, called the campaign a “revenue generator,” according to the Jackson Sun, and said, “I think it’s all about money.”

Much of troopers’ efforts were focused on a 10-mile stretch of highway on I-40, and there were also roadside checkpoints looking for drunk drivers in multiple locations.

The end of Thanksgiving signals the start of the Christmas holidays. It should be expected that the CARE Across Tennessee campaign will be repeated in some fashion during the holidays.