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‘Strange Noise’ in Front End Precedes Memphis Truck Crash

An overturned semi-truck on I-40 led to a ticket for failing to maintain control of a vehicle being issued to the truck’s driver. The truck first rolled onto the driver’s side before sliding 150 yards, causing traffic headaches for others on eastbound Interstate 40.

The cause of the crash is unknown, but the driver reported hearing a strange noise in the semi-truck’s front end just prior to the rollover crash, raising questions of whether there was some kind of mechanical failure while the truck was in motion. Although the driver was given a citation for the Tennessee truck crash, it is quite possible that the trucking company that maintains the rig maybe at least partially to blame as well.

Memphis faulty truck maintenance accident attorneys have seen truck accidents caused by a variety of mechanical issues, including defective brakes, defective steering components, and faulty wiring. Truck drivers should inspect their rigs and any cargo they are hauling each time they get in their truck. Trucking companies must also do their part to make sure that their fleet vehicles are in proper working order.

Requirements for Semi-Truck Inspections

Truck drivers must inspect their rigs at the beginning, during and at the end of any commercial trip. Visible signs of wear or damage should be addressed and fixed. If there are signs of an oil, fuel or other fluid leaks beneath the truck, maintenance should be completed to address the issue. Daily inspection of a semi should include checking the tires, both the air and mechanical brake systems, transmission and starter.

Truck drivers must also maintain logbooks, documenting the number of hours he or she has been on the road, behind the wheel. For every 24 hour period, a truck driver is required to maintain a written log of the time spent driving, ‘on’ or ‘off’ duty. Many trucks are equipped with logging systems that automatically note the time spent behind the wheel or in the sleeper birth of the truck cabin.

Proper maintenance of 18-wheelers should help prevent accidents related to a mechanical failure, giving drivers and companies a chance to find and fix problems before the truck is traveling on Tennessee highways, interstates and streets.