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Beware of Highway 78 Road Construction Zone Outside Memphis

A second motor vehicle accident happened this week on Interstate 78 just outside Memphis when a semi-truck and two other cars collided in Marshall County. The truck was broken into parts upon impact and the truck driver was killed. One driver was taken by helicopter to the Memphis MED; the other was injured but expected to survive.

The car-truck collision occurred at a merge point, where drivers must file into one lane and slow down for an upcoming construction zone in Northern Mississippi. Highway 78 was shut down to motorists for several hours as police investigated the truck crash and crews cleaned up debris from the motor vehicle accident.

Safety in Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Surrounding Road Construction Zones

While road construction zones are dangerous areas for construction workers, they are also dangerous areas for drivers. As multiple lanes merge down into one, traffic bottlenecks can develop that slow and even stop traffic. Staying alert to the traffic around you and maintaining a safe following distance are two ways that drivers can protect themselves from motor vehicle accidents while traveling through construction zones.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TNDOT) warns that just because we’re moving into fall, road construction projects have not stopped. Drivers should still be on the lookout for highway workers and slowed or stopped traffic related to highway construction projects.

TNDOT currently lists over 20 road construction projects in Western Tennessee that are currently underway, involving several different State Routes and Interstates throughout Shelby County and the surrounding area.