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Fatal Drunk-Driving Crash on Hernando-DeSoto Bridge

By the time someone is pulled over for driving while impaired, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) statistics report that the person has most likely driven impaired almost 87 times previously. In 2010, 12,000 lives across the United States were claimed by drunk drivers. One Mid South family has sadly added another drunk driving victim to that list after a fatal wrong-way crash on Tuesday.

The drunk driver was driving the wrong way on I-40 in Memphis when she drove right into a pickup driven by a 48-year-old woman from Mississippi. The driver, a youth counselor, is currently being held on charges of negligent homicide while driving drunk and maintains that she has no recollection of the fatal Memphis car crash. The victim’s family, however, will likely remember the night forever.

According to MADD, one in three people will be involved in a drinking-and-driving-related car accident in his or her lifetime. Additionally, every minute, someone is injured by a drunk driver somewhere in the United States.

Drunk Driving is 100 Percent Preventable

The family of the Mississippi woman who was killed this week likely has many questions for the drunk driver that took her from them. A common question many families ask is simply, “Why? Why drink and drive?” It’s just not worth it.

Drinking and driving, or choosing to drive while impaired is ultimately a choice that a person makes when he or she has the first drink. Although criminal laws in Tennessee allow for the punishment of drunk drivers, those who cause injury to others and those who kill others, in the form of prison time and fines, there is no way to undo the consequences of a fatal drunk-driving accident.

Memphis drunk driver victim lawyers are there to help the families whose lives are changed, in an instant, by the poor decisions of someone who drinks and drives. Whether you’ve lost a loved one to a drunk-driving accident, or you yourself have been seriously injured because of a drunk driver, you do have options.