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Shelby County Head-On Collision Sends Both Drivers to Hospital

A two-car crash in Memphis, near Airways and Raines, sent a Shelby County Sergeant to the hospital with several broken bones. An 18-year-old driving a Ford Expedition slammed head-on into the Sergeant’s Ford Explorer after witnesses say the Expedition was taunting another car, weaving in and out of traffic and tailgating, in a possible road rage incident. The 18-year-old was reported to be in extremely critical condition.

The Memphis car crash left both vehicles in flames, billowing black clouds of smoke and blocked traffic while emergency crews attended to the injured drivers and the burning SUVs. Both drivers had to be pulled out of their vehicles by emergency workers.

Road Rage = Aggressive and Dangerous Driving

Investigators believe that the fiery SUV crash was caused by aggressive driving related to road rage. Memphis car accident attorneys have seen the devastation that an aggressive driver can cause when he or she deliberately drives in a dangerous or violent manner. AAA reports that 56 percent of motor vehicle crashes involve some type of aggressive driving.

Incidents of road rage can include actual contact between cars, firing a weapon from a car and attacking another driver or his or her car. There have been instances, across the United States, of a bout of road rage leading to the assault, battery and even murder of the road rage victims. AAA recommends that all drivers should be aware of the dangers of aggressive driving related to road rage and:

  • Don’t Offend: Common triggers of road rage include being cut off, driving slowly in the left-hand lane and tailgating. Being both cautious and courteous while behind the wheel can go a long way toward preventing a road rage accident.
  • Don’t Engage: If you’re caught in a situation with an aggressive driver, give that driver as much room as possible, stay calm and don’t react to the other driver’s anger. Avoid eye contact and call for help if necessary.
  • Consider Your Own Driving Behavior: Driving is not about winning or beating another driver, it’s about traveling safely from one point to another. Seek help if you feel yourself succumbing to road rage while behind the wheel.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) encourages both victims and witnesses of road rage incidents to report the location and description of aggressive drivers by calling *THP once you’ve stopped and reached a safe place.