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Black box devices offer victims new evidence

Few things in life have the potential to be as destructive, costly, and frightening as a car or truck accident. In the blink of an eye what had been a calm, everyday drive can quickly become a nightmare of destruction and injury. Whether it be on account of poor vehicle maintenance, negligence, recklessness, or intoxication, the poor driving choices that lead to an accident have severe consequences for victims and their families.

In the wake of an accident, a victim’s ability to reclaim the restitution and damages they’re duly owed is often determined by the evidence and information available to attorneys and judges. Thankfully, good news now comes for accident victims in Memphis and across the nation in the form of a small, sturdy box.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month publically recommended the inclusion of “black box” devices in all new cars and light trucks. Similar to the data recording devices that are housed in airplanes and enable investigators to reconstruct mechanical and pilot data following a crash, these black boxes would offer a wealth of information in the event of an auto accident.

Vehicle speeds, braking, and even seat belt use could be recorded by automobiles’ black boxes, giving authorities and attorneys valuable data that could wrap up an injury or wrongful death case that might otherwise have been inconclusive or less successful.

Some groups, including the ACLU and Congress, have come out against such a measure, citing reasons of personal privacy and even insurance hikes as negative consequences of black boxes being used on America’s roads. However, due to its own regulatory power and noted support for the measure from the White House, the NHTSB may be able to sidestep Congressional approval and demand data retention devices in all new autos quite soon.

The prospect of black box information devices in cars and trucks across the nation is a boon to those who may become injured in an accident. With the added data and hard evidence a black box provides, a personal injury attorney can help build the strongest possible case and ensure the maximum amount of financial compensation.