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Fatal Germantown Pkwy Crash Leaves One Woman “With Only Memories”

A devastating motor vehicle accident on the Germantown Parkway took everything one Cordova woman had away from her in an instant. The newlywed lost her husband and her unborn child in a car crash with a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Reports indicate the other driver crossed three lanes of traffic and the median before causing the Memphis fatal car accident. Police are still investigating the cause of the car crash and the driver’s condition just prior to the crash.

Any time two or more vehicles collide on Memphis roadways, there is a chance that everyone involved will suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Car accidents are particularly dangerous for pregnant women — any woman involved in a car crash while pregnant should be examined by her doctor to determine the effect, if any, of the crash on her child.

What Dangers Do Pregnant Women Face In Car Accidents?

To be clear, it doesn’t appear that there is anything that this woman could have done differently in the fatal car crash to better protect herself or her unborn child. This was a tragic motor vehicle accident. But, there are steps that women can take and should be aware of when traveling by car during their pregnancy.

One of the many dangers to pregnancy in even a seemingly harmless crash is the chance of placental abruption. Even if you don’t feel a sudden jolt of movement from the impact, there may still have been enough force to cause the placenta to separate from the uterus. You may or may not notice any symptoms that would indicate a problem with the baby, but an emergency room physician can confirm that no harm was done.

Another important safety aspect for pregnant women is the proper use of seatbelts. A three-point seatbelt should offer the most protection in case of a crash. However, the seatbelt must be placed properly so that, upon impact, the lap portion and the shoulder portion will contact the woman’s bones, rather than her stomach or other soft tissue.

Pregnant women who are also driving should try to position the steering wheel as far from them as possible.