Over 100 lawsuits filed after patients die from dangerous drug

Advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical drug fields are typically praised and released as quickly as possible. In an effort to make money and increase demand for a drug, manufacturers may spare no expense marketing their product and encouraging doctors in Memphis and nationwide to prescribe the new medication. Unfortunately, this can mean that products are released to consumers by doctors who may not realize the risk that a drug may pose to a patient.

A new drug on the market can generate a lot of interest, particularly if there has not been a similar drug released for quite some time. For example, a drug was approved in 2010 called Pradaxa. The drug is intended to prevent strokes in people who suffer from a disorder related to heart rhythms. Until Pradaxa, only one drug has been available for the same purposes for the past 60 years. However, more than 540 people have already died from the effects of Pradaxa in one year and over 100 lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer.

The main concern with the drug involves the lack of an antidote. According to reports, there is no reversal method available for what can happen to users of Pradaxa. Specifically, patients who take Pradaxa are at a higher risk of bleeding to death because there is no antidote to reverse the blood-thinning effects of the drug. Many people believe that the Food and Drug Administration should never have approved the drug without this type of backup plan in place.

As it stands now, the drug continues to be very popular and commonly prescribed to patients across the country. However, many people believe that thousands of more lawsuits will be filed in the near future, drawing more attention to the actual risk of this drug. Whether the drug is recalled or an antidote is developed, action will likely need to be taken in order to hold manufacturers accountable for the tragic effects of their drug.