Tennessee Man Injured in Truck Accident Files Lawsuit

Trucking accidents differ from traditional motor vehicle accidents in a number of ways, including the way in which they are investigated. Trucks and drivers must be in compliance with a number of industry-specific federal regulations. In the event of a truck accident, there are log books that should be scrutinized, maintenance records to investigate and even a truck’s black box to secure in order to unravel the many factors that may have contributed to a crash. Keeping a driver and a truck’s owner accountable for negligence and reckless driving is crucial in keeping other motorists safe.

Earlier this year, a Tennessee man was seriously injured in a truck accident. He was a passenger in a commercial truck when it crashed into another tractor-trailer that had rolled over on the road. The passenger claims the driver of the truck he was riding in was unable to avoid the collision and he is now seeking damages from the driver and owner of the rolled-over truck.

The accident occurred in May when the victim and his co-worker were on an Interstate highway. In the opposite lane, a second truck was speeding towards them when the driver of the second truck lost control of his rig. It veered out of the lane when the driver lost control and rolled over on the highway. The driver of the victim’s truck couldn’t avoid the accident and crashed into the disabled tractor-trailer.

The passenger in the first truck recently filed a lawsuit against both the driver and operator of the truck that caused the accident. He claims that the owner was negligent in hiring safe drivers, and failed to train and supervise them properly. The driver is also being sued for speeding, losing control of his vehicle, and failure to operate the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

It is not unusual for victims of these types of accidents to be catastrophically injured or killed, due to the size, weight, and power of the enormous trucks. Luckily, no one died in the accident, but the victim was seriously injured in the crash. He reportedly suffered physical disfigurement and impairment, loss of earnings and loss of enjoyment of life. He is also seeking reimbursement for his medical expenses, court costs and legal fees.