A Tennessee motor vehicle accident leaves 1 dead

In Tennessee, one motor vehicle accident led to another in a tragic chain reaction. The first motor vehicle accident occurred when a car over-corrected its course and hot a concrete barrier after almost colliding with a tractor trailer. The second motor vehicle accident took place because of the slower congested traffic from the first incident.

The driver of the car from the initial accident was apparently speeding when she almost hit the truck. When law enforcement arrived at the site of the accident, the woman was taken for medical treatment. She was cited for driving under the influence.

Slower traffic on the Tennessee highway led to a driver rear-ending a tanker truck that was transporting hazardous materials. It appears that, due to the heavy traffic generated by the first collision, she was unable to stop her vehicle in time to avoid colliding with the truck. This second driver died from the impact of that crash. Both the tractor trailer and tanker trucker drivers were uninjured.

Typically, there are many factors that contribute to an accident. Tennessee law enforcement will now have the responsibility of investigating both crashes and making a determination as to the cause of each. It remains to be seen if authorities will conclude that the individual accused of drunk driving was responsible not only for the first accident but also for the fatal collision that followed. Whether she bears some financial responsibility for contributing to the second accident will ultimately be a question for a Tennessee civil court to determine.

While financial compensation cannot erase the physical injuries or death caused by a motor vehicle accident, it can help with the medical and end of life expenses that inevitably arise. The family of the deceased may consider legal action against the allegedly drunk driver if the facts ultimately suggest responsibility for the accident and death which followed. This process always begins with a careful and thorough examination of all evidence from the case.

Source: wate.com, “Victim identified in I-40 fatal crash in West Knoxville,” Aug. 8, 2013