Female dieter claims dangerous drugs caused her stroke

American consumers go to almost any length to lose weight and have a fit and trim physique. Some dieters even choose to take pharmaceutical medications to achieve their weight loss goals. Many different companies produce so-called diet pills, claiming that they are safe and effective. However, consumers in Tennessee and other states should be warned that diet pills are not always what they appear. Sometimes they are nothing more than dangerous drugs in disguise.

Recently, a woman brought forward a lawsuit against a supplement store regarding two different diet pills she took, which she says caused her to suffer a stroke. The complaint filed by the 36-year-old woman states that she is generally healthy and has absolutely no history of cardiovascular problems and/or stroke. She claims that a store manager at the supplement store advised her to take the supplement 1-Db Goddess and another one called Thyro-Drive, both of which are made by the manufacturer First Phorm International. The manager told her that when an individual takes both pills at the same time, it is the best weight loss pill combination available.

According to the complaint, the woman took the pills the next day with food and water. The following day, when she woke up, she had slurred speech and weakness across the left side of her body. She was diagnosed with having suffered a stroke by her doctors.

Tennessee residents must be exceedingly careful about what they put into their bodies in the name of being fit and trim. Many products have misleading advertising, are not effective, and worse, they could be dangerous drugs that cause permanent and debilitating health consequences. Anyone who suspects they are suffering from the ill-effects of dangerous drugs should consult with a physician immediately. They may also have the ability to pursue a personal injury claim against the manufacturer and/or seller of the dangerous drugs that caused the injury.