How to avoid a Tennessee motor vehicle accident: don’t drink

Could avoiding roadway dangers this New Year’s Eve be as simple as avoiding alcohol? According to recent statistics put out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a substantially increased percentage of motor vehicle accident fatalities are caused by inebriated drivers during the holidays. Given this fact, Tennessee drivers may want to consider whether drinking on New Year’s Eve is worth it.

The NHTSA analyzed motor vehicle accident statistics over the last 10 years to reveal that 41 percent of New Year’s Eve traffic fatalities are attributed to drunk driving. Thirty-seven percent of Christmas car crash fatalities are attributed to drunk driving. Meanwhile, yearly average figures show that only 31 percent of traffic deaths are caused by DUI overall.

Holiday drunk driving claimed the lives of 830 people in 2012. This year can be different, but it will take a concerted and responsible effort of drivers across the nation to avoid the consumption of alcohol. Even if more people simply limited their nightly intake to one alcoholic beverage, it could have a profound impact on the safety of Tennessee roads.

Not only are the consequences severe for those who are injured and/or killed in a Tennessee drunk driving accident, but the people who cause such accidents will face the lifetime consequence of guilt over what they have done. They may also serve time in jail for causing the motor vehicle accident. Avoiding alcohol consumption on New Year’s Eve will also help to prevent injuries because sober drivers are better able to drive defensively and avoid being involved in accidents caused by someone else. Indeed, the benefits certainly outweigh the rewards. While the victims of serious accidents do have legal options available to seek restitution for their damages, there is no substitute for being able to avoid the accident and injuries in the first place.