Tennessee Defective Products: Certain 2013 Dodge Darts Recalled

Chrysler Group recently announced the recall of a certain number of Dodge Dart vehicles. The defective products recall stems from defects with side airbags that might not deploy in an accident. The automaker will be recalling a total of 374 Dart model cars manufactured in the year 2013.

The Dart model affected is equipped with a specialized trim package referred to as Mopar 13. The manufacturer, which is controlled by the company Fiat SpA, says that the seat-mounted airbags might not have been installed properly. Tennessee Dart drivers can contact their local Chrysler dealership to inquire if they have been affected by the recall.

In order to resolve the problem, Chrysler has offered to inspect affected Dodge Dart vehicles to ascertain whether the airbags were installed properly. If a problem is identified, the automobile manufacturer will reinstall any defective airbags free-of-charge to the owner. It is expected that the recall will go into effect this month. According to documents filed by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), no known accidents, injuries or deaths have resulted from the apparent defect.

It is certainly hoped that anyone affected by this recall will go to get the problem with their vehicles resolved immediately. In the meantime, just because the NHTSA says that no reported injuries, deaths or accidents have resulted from this defective products problem does not mean that none have actually occurred. Any Tennessee resident who suspects an accident or injury has resulted from problems with Dodge Dart airbags can investigate the issue to see if filing a personal injury or wrongful death action is warranted.