Tennessee motor vehicle accident: Man dies, teen sent to hospital

A two-car motor vehicle accident recently claimed the life of a 50-year-old man and sent an 18-year-old woman to the hospital with non-fatal injuries. Emergency responders took the man to the hospital as well. However, his injuries were too severe to save him. The motor vehicle accident occurred on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at approximately 2 p.m.

After completing their preliminary evaluation of the accident, Tennessee authorities believe that it was caused by the deceased man’s failure to maintain his lane. He reportedly drove across the centerline into oncoming traffic and then collided with the car being driven by the young woman. The man’s failure to wear a seatbelt likely elevated the severity of his injuries.

Fortunately, the young woman survived. Nevertheless, she will have incurred significant medical expenses relating to her trip to the hospital and emergency room. She may also be required to pay for a program of rehabilitation, be forced to miss time from work. Moreover, she may never fully recover from the injuries sustained.

The injuries sustained in a Tennessee motor vehicle accident could result in severe financial challenges. The more serious the physical challenges, the more significant the financial consequences could be in terms of medical costs and time spent outside of work. While the current condition of the female victim of this accident is not known, she will have the ability to seek financial compensation to pay for her medical bills by filing a personal injury claim relating to this accident. Even though the driver who apparently caused the crash is no longer alive, the woman has the legal right to pursue a claim for financial reimbursement of damages sustained from the deceased man’s estate.

Source: oakridgetoday.com, Oliver Springs man dies in two-car crash on Schaad Road, John Huotari, Dec. 12, 2013