Tennessee Car Accidents Injurious, Recent Accident Example

When car accidents occur in Tennessee, the individuals involved are required by law to remain at the scene of the accident. These drivers are tasked with cooperating with police, assessing the damage and claiming fault to one of the drivers, if necessary. However, out of fear of being caught, some Tennessee drivers will flee the scene of car accidents. When this happens, police go out in search of the hit-and-run driver and will arrest the individual when found.

Recently, an SUV was driving on the wrong side of I-24 when it struck another car and killed the 31-year-old woman who was driving the car. The SUV then left the scene. At the time of initial reports following the accident, police had not yet tracked down the driver of the SUV, but they believe that he is a 35-year-old Tennessee resident. A local radio station posted pictures of the suspect in the hope that community members can help to locate him.

The woman who died in the accident was also from Tennessee. In addition to her death, two people in another automobile suffered injuries in the accident. The nature and extent of their injuries, as well as their current conditions, are not known at this time.

Should the man who fled the scene of this Tennessee car accident be located by authorities, and positively identified as having been at fault, the injured parties may choose to pursue personal injury claims against him. Additionally, family members of the woman who died may also wish to pursue compensation claims for wrongful death. Through such legal measures, victims of car accidents and their families can seek monetary compensation to help pay for damages, end of life expenses and medical bills that arose due to the accident.