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Tennessee Medical Malpractice Can Take Many Different Form

Medical malpractice can have a tremendous impact on the lives of those who ever experience the negligent actions of a physician or other licensed health professional. It can leave Tennessee residents and others across the nation dealing with emotional and physical scars. Medical malpractice can also cause significant financial expenses as victims attempt to correct whatever issues that a negligent health professional may have caused.

Recently, a Tennessee dentist was taken into custody by police officials after she was purportedly discovered in a vehicle with her young child while visibly intoxicated. Authorities claim that she confessed to being under the influence of improperly-obtained prescription drugs. She allegedly wrote a prescription for the drugs herself but issued in the name of her brother-in-law. She is now facing criminal charges stemming from this incident and could face serious consequences. It is not yet clear whether she may have seen any patients while taking any of muscle relaxers that it is alleged she illicitly prescribed herself.

Dentists from around the country have faced similar allegations of wrongdoing, ranging from using video cameras to spy on patients to prescribing Percocet under illegal circumstances. One Oklahoma dental surgeon has even been accused of potential medical malpractice after claims that he exposed thousands of patients to HIV and two different forms of Hepatitis. This particular dentist has been sued for both negligence and medical malpractice in the past.

Tennessee residents who feel that they have suffered medical malpractice at the hands of doctors or dentists do have legal options to pursue. They may be able to file a personal injury case against the doctor in court alleging medical malpractice. By proving that a medical professional acted negligently or failed to meet the appropriate standard of care, a victim may be able to obtain financial restitution in order to cover any related expenses they may have incurred due to that professional’s apparent negligence.