Facility closed after investigation uncovers nursing home neglect

It can be very upsetting for family members to learn that an elderly loved one has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home. These facilities are supposed to provide care and attention to our loved ones in a way that is compassionate, sensitive and professional. We expect that a loved one will be treated effectively and protected at a place that is designed to care for elderly and sick patients.

However, too many people at nursing home facilities in Tennessee instead choose to take advantage of these vulnerable people. But nursing home neglect and abuse is something of which people all across the country should be aware. Recently, a nursing care facility in another state was shut down after an investigation confirmed that patients were being neglected.

The allegations that led to the closing of the facility are unfortunately not uncommon. Patients at the 100-bed facility were not receiving proper medical, personal or nutritional care by staff members. The state Department of Health and the Attorney General’s office conducted an investigation after inspections indicated that patients were being mistreated.

Authorities got permission to install hidden cameras in some of the patients’ rooms. They then were able to monitor the interactions between staff members and patients. The surveillance efforts uncovered numerous instances of neglect and abuse and the facility will now be shut down.

It is not always easy for family members to determine whether a loved one is being neglected or mistreated at a facility. Sometimes patients can report the abuse themselves. Other times it is up to family members to look for signs during visits. And in cases like this one, outside parties play a critical role in identifying abuse. But in any case, where misconduct is suspected, taking action against a facility can help protect the well-being of current and future patients.