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Recent Recall of Dangerous Drugs Includes 98 Different Medicines

When Tennessee residents are prescribed a medication by their physicians, they expect to receive safe drugs that will help them overcome their health problems. However, the medications we take are not always safe sometimes they areĀ dangerous drugs. Dangerous rugs have caused death and serious injury to Tennessee residents; therefore, it is important that doctor stay up to date with any drug recalls so they do not inadvertently prescribe one of these medications to their patients.

Recently, 98 different unexpired medications were recalled after a hospital discovered contaminations inside the drugs coming from a specific compounding pharmacy. The hospital found a foreign particulate matter inside vials of an intravenous solution. Fortunately, no injury or illness has been attributed to the vials.

Currently, tests are being performed to investigate what the contamination was inside the vials. Pending the results of that investigation, it is not known how the particulate came to be, where it developed, or what negative effects it could have on patients (if any). Patients were administered the products, mostly in the state of Michigan, between the dates of July 1 and Saturday, Oct. 26. Of the products recalled were 79 medications intended for people and 19 intended for animals.

Doctors and hospitals must take note of any dangerous drugs that have been recalled in the state of Tennessee and the rest of the nation. Just because a drug was recalled does not mean that overlooked vials and/or samples of the medication are not still present inside hospitals and pharmacies. If a mistake is made and a patient is given dangerous drugs that were already recalled, a person thereby suffering serious injury may elect to file a personal injury action to seek recovery of financial damages from those deemed responsible.