Potentially Defective Medical Products Causing Women Extreme Pain

Numerous women across the nation have spoken out against the permanent contraception apparatus, which they blame for causing extreme pelvic pain. The women claim that the contraceptive device, Essure, is one of many defective medical products, which are harming unsuspecting consumers, including Tennessee residents. One victim of this product says that injuries caused by the device resulted in her needing a full hysterectomy.

The woman who required the hysterectomy said she spent the majority of her time doubled over with unbearable abdominal pain. Doctors spent 10 months deliberating over what could be the root of her suffering. The woman reported dizziness which caused nausea and vomiting, in addition to extreme and sharp abdominal pain.

Eventually, she turned to the Internet to find an answer to her problems, when she discovered that 1,800 other Essure patients were suffering from similar symptoms. Essure is a medical device that doctors insert into the Fallopian tubes of women in order to prevent pregnancy. Essentially, the device is a coil which seals the Fallopian tubes when it is inserted. However, thousands of women have complained of excruciating pain caused by the device.

Any woman who suspects that Essure has caused her to experience pain or injury, no matter how small the problem appears to be, should immediately seek the help of a medical doctor to evaluate the issue. Tennessee residents who have been injured by Essure or any other defective medical products can pursue personal injury claims against the party responsible for creating the device. A personal injury claim can help victims obtain compensation to pay for any medical treatment they need to recover from their injuries. They may also be able to pursue compensation for the pain and suffering they have been forced to endure because of the defective medical device.