Tennessee motor vehicle accident injures 4, kills 1

One person has died and four suffered person injury in a car accident. The Tennessee motor vehicle accident occurred on Highway 70, on Friday, Oct. 4, at approximately 7:45. A woman who lives nearby the accident site claims of hearing a loud boom at the time the incident took place.

The motor vehicle accident involved two cars that had a head-on collision. The driver who died was a senior citizen. An elderly woman was also riding inside the car with the man. The other vehicle in the crash had a woman, a man and a child riding inside it. Everyone inside the vehicles suffered injuries and were taken to hospitals for medical care.

Ambulances, in addition to four different AirEvacs, were on scene to transport the accident victims to Nashville, Tennessee where they were to receive care for their injuries. The Tennessee Highway Patrol continues to investigate the cause of this tragic motor vehicle accident. At this point, it is not known if alcohol played a factor in the incident or if police will decide to press charges against either of the parties.

Tennessee drivers who are involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffer serious and/or a debilitating personal injury due to the fault of another driver can seek financial compensation to help cover their medical costs and other financial damages. Family members of individuals who are killed in a similar manner can also seek monetary damages for the loss of their loved one. Compensation may include lost income from the death of a family breadwinner and/or lost income that results from a surviving victim’s inability to work after an injury.

Source: wbbjtv.com, One Dead and Four Injured in Benton County Wreck, No author, Oct. 4, 2013