10 arrested in nursing home neglect case

Misdemeanor and felony charges have been filed against 10 different nurses and nurses’ aides at a care facility located in another state. Allegedly, the nursing home staff members are guilty of neglect and the fabrication of false documents to hide that neglect. Although this case of nursing home neglect occurred out of state, situations like this are not uncommon in Tennessee, which is why family members of those living in nursing facilities must be on alert to determine if their relative is being properly cared for.

In this case, the negligent nurses and nurses’ assistants were caught red-handed by hidden video camera footage. The video camera was installed at the facility by the District Attorney’s office after the son of a resident complained that he suspected neglect. Allegedly, the video recordings show that the son was correct.

Four nursing assistants and six nurses were seen on videotape neglecting a double-leg amputee. The nurses and assistants allegedly ignored the patient for hours on multiple occasions. They also did not administer the patient’s medication properly, and they refused to help the man with his bowel movements. In order to hide the neglect, the nursing staff created false documents to make it appear as though they had cared for the patient appropriately.

The New York nursing home at issue in this case recently had a sister facility shut down by regulators due to neglect issues. Many of the residents of the current facility under scrutiny had only recently been moved there due to the shutdown of the other home. A representative of the company made statements that the safety of its residents will continue to be its primary focus.

It does not matter how much nursing home neglect actually exists in a Tennessee care center. It is unlikely that the managers or staff will ever admit to abuse or neglect occurring at the facility. However, relatives and/or the victims themselves can make the neglect known either by filing formal complaints with regulators or by pursuing a nursing home neglect case in civil court. Not only can victims receive financial restitution by successfully navigating such a case, but they can bring the abuse to public light in order to prevent others from suffering as they have.