Family receives medical malpractice verdict of nearly $2.9M

A family that received a large wrongful death award hopes that their case will bring awareness to the serious health problems that can be caused by pain injections. The family received a jury award of around $2.88 million relating to medical malpractice errors suffered by their son. Their son, who suffered from psychological issues, committed suicide after becoming disabled by complications stemming from his pain injections.

The complaint, which was not filed in Tennessee, was initiated by the son, but his family members finished it after he died. The lawsuit alleged that he had gone to a pain clinic due to lower back pain. The pain clinic gave him multiple spinal injections of pain medication to resolve the issue; however, the pain did not go away and the man developed a lump at the site of the injections. The pain clinic staff advised him that the bump was perfectly normal and continued to administer injections. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with a serious and debilitating form of meningitis.

While receiving treatment for meningitis, doctors told him that the disease would either kill him or paralyze him. While he was lucky enough to survive the illness, he was left without the ability to control his bowels or urination. He was also left with difficulty walking and severe and chronic pain symptoms. These symptoms allegedly caused him to end his life by his own hands.

This extremely tragic case highlights dangers faced by all Tennessee residents who receive spinal injections at pain clinics. Anyone who suspects that he or she has suffered severe medical consequences due to medical malpractice at a pain clinic may wish to seek justice through the legal system. Victims of malpractice can pursue claims for financial relief to pay for medical care required to treat their injuries. They can also seek restitution to cover their inability to work and other financial damages arising from their injuries.