Tennessee Hit-And-Run Motor Vehicle Accident Kills 13-Year-Old

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a 13-year-old Tennessee boy. He was trying to help his mother change a tire on the side of I-24 when the motor vehicle accident occurred. The driver who struck both he and his mother fled the scene immediately after the collision.

According to the Tennessee highway patrol, the boy’s mother had done everything she could to be safe. They were parked in the interstate’s emergency lane, and they had their hazard beacons on. Nevertheless, the hit-and-run driver struck both the mother and the boy and, while the boy did not make it, his mother was fortunate to survive.

A witness followed the 33-year-old hit-and-run driver all the way to a business address and called the police. Officers arrived on the scene and apprehended the woman, whom they charged with fleeing a fatal accident scene. A highway patrol spokesperson expressed his gratitude that the witness had taken such a proactive role in helping them identify the driver.

The loss of life in this motor vehicle accident is exceedingly regrettable. The family of this boy will never forget the day that the life of their 13-year-old son was taken from them. Considering police allegations that the female hit-and-run driver is at fault in this crash, the boy’s family may choose to pursue a wrongful death claim against her. Not only will the family be able to seek restitution for the unfortunate loss of life in this accident, but the act of pursuing a wrongful death claim can also be an important part of gaining a sense of closure for the family and friends of the boy.