With three recalls, is Hyundai producing unsafe motor vehicles?

Many Tennessee readers are Hyundai drivers and appreciate the company’s approach of offering well-appointed vehicles at low price points. However, with the recent announcement of three separate recalls, some are wondering if there are safety risks associated with these budget-friendly automobiles. As Hyundai struggles to address these three distinct safety issues, those who own one of the affected models should be aware that they may own one of these potentially¬†unsafe motor vehicles.

The first concern involves Hyundai’s Santa Fe model, a mid-size SUV. Over 225,000 of these vehicles are being recalled due to concerns about the front coil springs. It seems as though Santa Fe SUVs sold in cold weather states could experience serious rusting of those springs. This could cause the spring to fail, and subsequently come into contact with a tire. The end result could be a punctured tire, which could lead to an accident.

The second recall affects the company’s Veracruz line. The concern with this vehicle is that there could be a persistent oil leak, which could affect the car’s charging system and alternator. In some cases, a complete loss of power could result, which could easily cause an accident.

The final recall will affect nearly 1 million Hyundai owners. Concerns include a brake fluid leak and issues with the transmission shift cable. This set of recalls applies to vehicles manufactured between 2011 and 2014.

For those in Tennessee who own and drive vehicles from the Hyundai line, it is important to stay abreast of these and other recalls. Hyundai is planning to reach out to affected consumers through the end of September. This set of recalls demonstrates the importance of keeping one’s contact information up-to-date with the dealership where the vehicle was purchased, or with the warranty company where relevant. Drivers who are not available to be contacted risk unwittingly driving unsafe motor vehicles.