Tennessee woman faces charges after alleged nursing home abuse

For many people, the time will come to have an elderly parent admitted to a care facility such as a nursing home. Although this is typically a traumatic experience for both the parent and his or her children, it may be the best way to ensure around-the-clock care. Nursing homes are expected to provide care that does not jeopardize the safety of a patient. A Tennessee woman was recently arrested in connection with nursing home abuse she allegedly committed in another state.

Authorities say the nursing home employee allegedly abused a 96-year-old patient at a nursing home where she was employed at the time of the incident. She is accused of intentionally injuring the elderly patient, and bruises and bumps were reportedly visible on the patient’s arms and head. A spokeswoman of the nursing home says the facility does not tolerate such behavior, and any staff member suspected of abusing patients is promptly suspended while the incident is investigated.

The accused woman was located and arrested more than three months after a warrant for her arrest was issued. She is facing a second-degree elder abuse charge in Alabama which is apparently punishable by a prison sentence of between two and 20 years. The woman is currently out on bail, and an arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 27.

Tennessee families who suspect that their loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse reserve the right to take legal action. They may file a nursing home abuse claim in a civil court. If sufficient evidence of negligence can be demonstrated, along with the successful presentation of the claim, the court may award a monetary judgment for financial damages sustained. This award may cover medical expenses that were brought about by the incident, along with additional damages for other losses as recognized by applicable laws.