Motor vehicle accident causes 2 injuries in Tennessee

Colliding with an object such as a guardrail or a tree can cause serious destruction to a vehicle on the road. The impact can be strong enough not only to damage the car but also to cause major injuries to those in or near the vehicle. This type of motor vehicle accident in Tennessee can easily be the result of a driver’s negligence — for example, failing to pay attention to the road ahead or deciding to drive at excessive speeds.

In one recent Tennessee case, a vehicle accident took place at a local intersection. A sport utility vehicle reportedly collided with a tree in the median. Two individuals in the car, a woman and a man, suffered injuries.

Both of these injured parties were in their 70s. They were transported to the hospital. The accident prompted police to block a lane of traffic in each direction temporarily.

The injured passenger may elect to sue the driver of the vehicle in such a situation. A personal injury claim may be filed for monetary damages to seek reimbursement for hospital costs and other damages stemming from the car wreck. If there is proof that the driver was going too fast for road conditions or disobeying another rule of the road when the motor vehicle accident occurred, this could be offered as evidence of negligent driving in civil court. Competent proof of negligence is required to establish liability. The court will determine the financial damage claims if liability is established in accordance with our personal injury laws in Tennessee.