Tennessee town hopes to limit car accidents with grant money

A town in Tennessee is celebrating a recent grant it has received to improve the safety of its roads for pedestrians. The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has awarded Clarksville a grant of approximately $800,000 to construct bus stop shelters and sidewalks along one of its busiest thoroughfares. Residents are hopeful that the added sidewalks will increase safety and prevent children and adults from being involved in car accidents.

A total of 41 shelters for bus stops will be constructed along the highway. One city official, who is happy about the grant, said that the city has needed new bus shelters for some time. He said that, although they have a number of existing shelters in place, they are old and need to be replaced. In addition, two sidewalk sections will be built among other projects. The sidewalks will be five feet wide, and they will include on-ramps for wheelchairs.

One of the reasons why the city applied for the grant was due to a recent increase in pedestrian deaths. From 2007 to 2011, six pedestrians lost their lives to car accidents along the highway. It is hoped that the added safety provisions will help to limit the possibility of future pedestrian accidents. The grant money will also be used to finance other roadway safety projects.

While pedestrians do have the right-of-way in Tennessee, and drivers must yield to them, accidents will happen no matter how many safety measures are in place. However, in some cases where car accidents cause injury to pedestrians, the pedestrian will have the right to pursue legal action for restitution in court. Such legal claims are often the only way that a victim can obtain the financial assistance he or she needs to pay for medical care relating to the injuries sustained.