At least 4 die in truck accident in Tennessee

The road can be a dangerous place under the best of circumstances, especially with large tractor-trailers traveling at high speeds. Anybody on the road can end up being hurt or even killed in an accident at any time. Unfortunately, this is what had recently happened in a truck accident which claimed at least four lives along Interstate 40 in Tennessee.

The incident happened one afternoon in late June on the freeway. The incident involved two tractor-trailer trucks and at least two passenger cars. One of the tractor-trailers carried a married couple, who were both killed in the fiery collision. Two other people in the passenger cars died as a result of the crash.

The identities of the decedents have yet to be released to the public by the authorities. A witness said that both trucks had been completely destroyed and that one would have difficulty determining that the remaining steel frames had once been tractor-trailer trucks. One of the cars was also left unrecognizable, according to the witness. The vehicles had been charred and remained smoking until late in the afternoon.

The authorities are still investigating the truck accident in Tennessee in order to determine what may have caused the crash. The families of the decedent will likely be following the police investigation, since the evidence uncovered may be used in any civil lawsuits filed against those they deem to be responsible for the deaths of their loved ones. Although this will not bring back the lost lives, it can provide some monetary relief which can be quite helpful for a family looking to heal emotional scars.