Steps to Take Immediately Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

Most Tennessee car accident victims do not know exactly what they should do after a collision. Provided that the victim is not seriously hurt, however, he or she can limit the chances of experiencing a wide variety of problems by carrying out a specific a plan of action in the wake of a crash. Indeed, if one carries out the steps outlined below, many problems commonly associated with a motor vehicle accident can be avoided.

While it may seem obvious, the first step is one that some Tennessee drivers neglect to do. That involves stopping one’s vehicle. Some drivers will stop quickly, see that no damage has occurred and drive away. This is a mistake, and it could result in a hit-and-run criminal charge, which could come along with some serious and negative repercussions.

Even if other drivers involved in the collision appear to agree that it is not necessary to call the authorities, it may be best to call the police anyway. This is the best course of action in most circumstances. If injuries are discovered, dial 911 as quickly as possible as well so that victims can receive the medical attention they require.

Next, accident participants should gather as much documentation and evidence as possible. Cell phone photos of the accident scene, damage, drivers, and passengers can be invaluable to police investigators and can be important to use as evidence in legal proceedings. Also, record the information of drivers and passengers, including contact info, license plates, drivers license number, etc. One more step is also very important — contact insurance providers to notify them of the crash, and do not sign any kind of paperwork releasing anyone of liability relating to the crash.

People who are hurt in a Tennessee motor vehicle accident may wish to follow through with a personal injury action to try to recoup financial damages. A brain injury attorney case may be a way for accident victims to obtain money from the party found responsible in order to pay for medical costs and other damages. Money for time spent unable to work and/or for permanent disability and other types of damages may also be recoverable in these kinds of cases.