Troopers arrest hit-and-run driver after motor vehicle accident

Tennessee troopers recently arrested a man who is suspected of hitting a 6-year-old boy with his car and driving away. According to the boy’s mother, who witnessed the entire accident, her boy was riding his scooter at approximately 7:30 p.m., when the motor vehicle accident occurred. Allegedly, the man got out of his car, saw what had happened, then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

The mother said she was frantic following the incident. She could not believe that someone would hit a child with his or her car and then drive away. A man and his girlfriend witnessed the event and saw the hit-and-run driver get back into his car and flee. They decided to chase after driver while calling 911. Eventually, the couple witnessed the driver stop at a motel where he was later arrested by authorities.

Police surrounded the man’s motel room, but he had apparently locked himself inside. Authorities then put a strip of explosives on the lock and blasted the door open. State troopers say that, without the assistance of the couple, tracking down the man and arresting him would have proved a difficult task.

Allegedly, the arrested driver — said to be 52 years old — later admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking at a barbecue before he took to the road. He has been charged with leaving an accident scene that involved an injury, driving with a suspended license, possession and aggravated assault. Some of these charges are felony charges. If any personal injury claims arising out of this event, it is likely that the results of the man’s criminal case will weigh heavily in the proceedings. Indeed, not only could the man spend time behind bars for this Tennessee motor vehicle accident, but he might also be financially liable for any personal injury and/or property damages resulting from the incident.