Dangerous drugs: Is there a new kid on the block?

According to some doctors, Zohydro is a new medication that will help patients suffering from chronic pain. They say that amputees, burn victims and car accident victims will be able to use the pain pill to help them get through the day. Nevertheless, opponents cite the highly addictive nature of the drug, saying that it is the most potent pain medication being sold by pharmacists. Some doctors are saying that Zohydro should be classified among other dangerous drugs and that the FDA should not have approved its release.

Zogenix, the manufacturer of the drug, says that the FDA determined that the benefits associated with Zohydro outweighed any associated risks. The risks, however, are serious — especially with regard to the potential for addiction. The drug can be snorted, crushed or chewed, which could make it a favorite of addicts. Also, it is so addictive that normal and unsuspecting users in Tennessee could easily become dependent.

One doctor claims that she recognizes the potential benefits of Zohydro. However, she worries that more deterrents are needed so that the medication does not end up being abused. Meanwhile, the manufacturer states that it is trying to create a version of the pill that is more difficult to crush in order to deter its abuse.

Dangerous drugs come in all varieties. Unfortunately, many types of dangerous medications — not just Zohydro — are currently be being sold to patients in Tennessee, and addiction is not the only risk associated with them. Anyone who suspects that they have suffered serious and permanent injury or lifelong disability due to a dangerous drug can investigate the viability of filing a personal injury claim. Family members of people who were killed by dangerous medications can also assess their right to seek financial restitution for their devastating loss.