2 die in unfortunate Tennessee motor vehicle accident.

Two people recently died from the catastrophic injuries after being involved in a tragic weekend car accident in Tennessee. The motor vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 40 just outside of Cedar Bluff. According to authorities, the driver of a car that contained two passengers stopped along the side of the Interstate to help his friend, who was in a broken down car on the side of the roadway. According to authorities, a third vehicle slammed into their car.

The impact of the collision killed two men, both of whom were riding within the first car that had stopped to help the second car. A 20-year-old woman, who was also riding in the first car, suffered serious but nonfatal injuries. Sadly, she was the fiance of one of the young men who died.

The driver of the car that allegedly caused the fatal accident was treated for injuries at the hospital and later released. Police have charged him with multiple counts of vehicular homicide and other violations. The man who had been driving the broken down car said that one of the deceased victims was his best friend, and it was difficult to realize he was gone.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done to alleviate the suffering of friends and family of the victims of this Tennessee crash, aside from lending emotional support. Nevertheless, family members might wish to investigate the facts of this case for the purposes of pursuing a wrongful death action against the driver thought to have been at fault. Indeed, while the negative effects of this motor vehicle accident will never be reversed, restitution and financial assistance to pay for funeral expenses may be pursuable if the families wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit in this crash.