Motor vehicle accident leaves comedian with brain injury

Many Tennessee readers may recall the terrible car crash that left actor and comedian Tracy Morgan with a serious brain injury earlier this year. The motor vehicle accident involving the vehicle carrying Morgan and a tractor-trailer left the star with a severe brain injury, a condition from which he is struggling to recover. The incident, while devastating for Morgan and his loved ones, has led to an increase in public awareness of the nature and severity of many types of brain injury.

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the damage to their body is often easy to visually assess. Brain injuries, however, are not usually readily apparent, and medical professionals are not always able to understand the extent of such an injury for some time after the incident. This can make the recovery process difficult for all involved, as there is never a clear path from one point to another.

When the human brain sustains a serious injury, the immediate damage includes harm to the structures and blood vessels within the organ. In addition, the sophisticated network of neural connections within the brain can be damaged. Finally, swelling follows the initial damage and brings along even greater destruction within the structure of the brain. As these reactions play out, the final result can be devastating damage to the control center of the human body.

On the other hand, the human brain is an incredibly resilient organ, and science has not yet fully uncovered the mysteries behind its function and reparative potential. A great deal of damage suffered within the brain can be repaired over time, and many who are injured in this manner can recover much of the function lost as a result of that damage. The recovery process typically takes time, proper medical care and a great deal of rehabilitative effort.

None of these factors comes with ease, however, nor without a hefty price tag. Those in Tennessee who suffer brain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident often lack the funds to pay for the care that is needed to reach the highest possible level of recovery. In instances in which another party was negligent in the matter, this scenario can be ameliorated by a personal injury lawsuit. A successful outcome can ensure that brain injury patients and their families can secure the best possible care, thereby increasing the chances for recovery.