Motor vehicle accident kills family of 4, injures others

Reports of a recent multiple-vehicle automobile crash have shaken residents across the state of Tennessee and surrounding areas. Any motor vehicle accident that claims life is a terrible event, but there are some crashes that resonate throughout a community. Such is the case in a recent Interstate crash that has ended the life of a family on their way to a vacation.

Police are still trying to sort out the events that led to the horrific accident. So far, it is apparent that there were two vehicles stopped in the middle lanes of Interstate 40 on a recent Friday night. As vehicles approached the stopped cars, multiple collisions ensued.

Four people were injured in the crash, but the most tragic outcome was for a family of four. The father, mother and their two sons were all killed when their vehicle crashed. At the time of the crash, the family was on the way to a week’s vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Police have arrested one of the individuals injured in the crash, a 27-year-old man. He is believed to have been impaired at the time of the crash, and is facing charges of drunk driving and implied consent. There is no word yet on whether police believe that this driver caused or contributed to the fatalities, or if he was simply another victim in a tragic accident. Should it be determined that his impairment was a factor in the injuries and deaths of others involved in the motor vehicle accident, criminal charges could follow. Additionally, civil suits for personal injury and wrongful death would be possible.