18-wheeler accident claims the life of truck driver

A crash on Interstate 75 in Tennessee involving two tractor-trailers has ended the life of one man and injured several other people. The crash took place on a recent Wednesday afternoon, and involved vehicles traveling in both directions along the roadway. The 18-wheeler accident remains under investigation, but police believe that one of the trucks left the northbound lanes of travel, crossed the median and entered the lanes of oncoming traffic.

At that point, a collision took place with a tractor-trailer headed southbound. One other vehicle, a passenger car, was also involved in the wreck. In total, four people were injured as a result of the crash. Only one, the driver of one of the 18-wheelers, sustained fatal injuries.

As of yet, little information has been released concerning the events that led up to the accident, or what the causal factors may be. In fact, Tennessee police had not yet released the identity of the deceased driver as of the time of this report. His identity was given to reporters by his family and place of employment.

As the investigation continues, Tennessee police will likely determine what caused this accident. Should it be revealed that negligence played a role in the 18-wheeler accident, the driver who is responsible could be held accountable. If that driver is the man who survived the crash, he could face criminal charges as well as civil suits for wrongful death and personal injury. If the driver who lost his life in the crash was negligent in his actions leading up to the incident, those injured could move forward with personal injury suits against his estate, and possibly the company he worked for.