Couple files medical malpractice suit after death of newborn son

Losing a child at birth is an experience not wished upon anybody. Tennessee parents will likely empathize with a couple who recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state after their newborn baby died shortly after birth. A medical facility and a physician were named as defendants.

Court documents show that the plaintiff went to the medical center when she went into labor shortly before midnight on a night in November 2011. The plaintiffs assert that, although the heart monitor indicated the unborn child’s distress within minutes, medical staff failed to inform the doctor. It is alleged that the nursing staff instructed the plaintiff to stop pushing due to a staff shortage but reported to the physician that the plaintiff failed to participate by not pushing efficiently.

The plaintiffs contend that the infant’s heart rate dropped below 70, at which stage the doctor apparently gave instructions for the mother to be prepared for immediate forceps delivery. It is alleged that the baby boy’s umbilical cord was entangled around his neck when he was born at 1:42 a.m. Within an hour, the baby was declared dead.

The plaintiffs accuse the medical facility of negligence in their failure to maintain an adequate level of staff and a lack of communication between the nursing staff and the doctor. Tennessee victims of medical negligence may hold negligent medical providers responsible by pursuing financial aid for medical expenses, end-of-life costs — when applicable — and other documented financial losses. Victims sometimes choose to utilize the services of an experienced medical malpractice attorney to support and guide them through the civil court proceedings.