Car accidents: 1 dies when mule-drawn carriage is rear-ended

Rear-end accidents are not uncommon on Tennessee roads. In fact, they are some of the most common types of crashes and can occur just about anyplace and at any speed. Many lives have been lost in accidents that involved automobiles hitting bicycles and other modes of transport from behind. Such car accidents frequently lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol recently reported that a passenger in a mule-drawn carriage lost her life when the wagon in which she was a passenger was rear-ended. Authorities reported that a Thorn Hillman was traveling south on Highway 11-W when his vehicle smashed into the rear of the carriage. The impact caused the three passengers of the carriage to be ejected.

One passenger was declared dead at the accident scene, and two others were airlifted for medical treatment. The severity of their injuries is unknown. The crash destroyed the carriage and debris also struck a big rig that was in the vicinity. At the time of the report, no charges had been filed.

Regardless of the vehicles that are involved in rear-end car accidents, injured victims and loved ones of those who lost their lives have the right to pursue financial relief through the Tennessee judicial system. Personal injury and wrongful death claims may be filed in a civil court. Once negligence by another party is established and financial losses are documented, a monetary judgment may be entered. Claims for the consideration of the court may include medical and/or end-of-life expenses along with any other financial and emotional damages sustained.