Tennessee Bus Accidents: Driver Injured in Crash

Parents expect their children to arrive safety to their destinations when they board them on a school bus. The last thing parents want to learn is that their child’s school bus was involved in an accident, but bus accidents do happen. Recently, a Tennessee school bus was involved in a head-on collision.

The accident happened in Loudon County. According to police, the driver of an SUV crossed over into oncoming traffic and collided with the bus head-on. A student who was on board the bus stated that the bus driver had to determine whether to go to left or right. However, after the bus driver swerved to the left, the SUV swerved back into the same lane. The impact caused the bus driver to be thrown from the bus.

A special education teacher noticed that smoke was coming from the vehicles and helped to evacuate all of the students from the bus. Police say that the driver of the SUV did not survive the crash, and some students were taken to the hospital. The driver of the bus had to undergo surgery but is expected to be okay.

Bus accidents can cause a number of serious injuries to victims. In this case, it is likely that the bus driver is experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering and financial losses due to the collision. Even though the driver of the SUV is deceased, the injured victims retain the right to pursue personal injury claims against the driver’s estate. Successful claims in a Tennessee civil court could potentially bring about compensation to the victims as deemed appropriate.