Joan Rivers’ death linked to surgical errors

Surgery is an event that many people do not want to go through, especially because of possible errors that could occur. Many Tennessee blog readers may remember Joan Rivers, who died due to surgical errors while having surgery months ago. Now, the clinic where she had her procedure has lost its accreditation and can no longer accept payments from Medicare or Medicaid.

Rivers went into the clinic for a routine endoscopy. Instead, she stopped breathing during the procedure and later died. An investigation determined that the clinic had not followed proper standards, and the doctors failed to realize that Rivers’ vital signs had dropped 15 minutes before she went into cardiac arrest.

It was also reported that medical staff had given Rivers the wrong amount of sedation before the procedure. Further, while Rivers was lying on the operating room table, doctors allegedly took photos of her from their cell phones. Recently, the director of the endoscopy center received a letter, stating that the center is no longer eligible to be a supplier for Medicaid or Medicare coverage.

Surgical errors can cause death for many patients. Regrettably, Rivers lost her life due to the apparent negligence of doctors and other staff members. Her family is entitled to file a medical malpractice claim against the doctors and/or the center for any damages suffered. Even though these actions will not bring back Joan Rivers, her family may find comfort in receiving some form of financial relief as they continue to cope. Families that have lost loved ones due to surgical errors may want to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Tennessee who will go over any options they may have.