Tennessee Bus Accidents: 3 Killed, 30 Injured in Recent Crash

Parents expect the safe arrival of their children by school bus drivers. Bus accidents have become more prevalent throughout the country, and this case is no exception. Tennessee investigators are still piecing together the details of a bus accident that left three people dead and 30 others injured.

An investigation revealed that the driver of a school bus made an abrupt left turn and veered across the median for unknown reasons. The bus crashed into a second school bus full of young students. The impact caused the second bus to roll over and slide across the road. Tragically, two children and an adult teacher’s aide died as a result of the accident. Reports indicate that 3 other people initially sustained serious injuries, but their conditions are now stable.

Another 20 students suffered minor injuries and were released from the hospital that day. Police say that toxicology results for the first bus driver are pending, but he apparently had prescription drugs on him. Furthermore, the driver of the second bus was not properly licensed to operate the school bus without another driver present. Authorities expect the investigation to be concluded in the next few weeks.

Bus accidents can be traumatizing for victims and their families. It is likely that the victims suffered economically as well as physically. Many injured victims decide to file personal injury claims as appropriate legal remedies to recover damages for their suffering. Also, the families of the deceased retain the right to file wrongful death claims against the driver presumed responsible for the crash. An experienced personal injury attorney in Tennessee can help victims and families recover damages and answer any questions they have.