Product Liability: Heart Attack Blamed on Rockstar Energy Drink

Tennessee residents who use energy drinks for an extra boost may be interested to learn about the potential health risks some of these drinks present. The manufacturers of Rockstar energy drinks are being sued for product liability by a consumer from another state who claims to have suffered adverse medical consequences after consuming the company’s products. Rockstar markets its energy drinks as fit for people from all walks of life, and, to provide all the benefits it promises to consumers, the suit claims it contains unsafe levels of caffeine. The suit states that the defendants know of the fact that high amounts of caffeine can trigger cardiac episodes.

According to the lawsuit, the defendant consumed about four Rockstar energy drinks within an eight-hour period two years ago and developed chest pains and breath shortness. He claims he consulted with doctors when his condition worsened over the following three days and was apparently diagnosed with cardiac arrest. The complaint states that he underwent immediate cardiac surgery and is still paying the medical expenses related to the incident.

The suit further claims that the company is aware of the potential cardiac-related consequences of the combination of caffeine, taurine, and other ingredients but failed to warn consumers of the dangers. The plaintiff asserts that, had he been aware of the health risks posed by the energy drinks, he would not have consumed them. In the complaint, the plaintiff alleges negligence, product liability, warranty breach, and fraud. An unspecified amount is sought in the recovery of damages.

Consumers in Tennessee who have had to face unanticipated medical bills due to the consumption of unsafe products have the right to pursue compensation. Product liability claims may be filed against manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of products that can be proved to have caused adverse medical consequences. Establishing liability may be tricky, and the assistance of experienced product liability attorneys may be helpful.