Bus accidents: 15 Youths injured while on mission trip

Owners of buses in Tennessee and other states are responsible for regular maintenance on the vehicles. Failure to ensure that buses are safe to operate may increase the chances of bus accidents that cause loss of life and severe injuries. Despite these regulations, bus accidents continue to occur, leaving innocent passengers injured and facing high medical costs. Multiple people suffered injuries in a recent bus accident in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Police Department reported that a bus carrying 16 children left the road and came to a halt in an adjacent ditch. The accident reportedly occurred on a recent Friday morning. The youths were members of a church in another state and were on a mission trip.

Although none of the passengers was reported to be severely injured, they were transported by bus and ambulance to the hospital. The medical center said that 15 patients were treated for injuries of varying severity. The circumstances that led to the bus leaving the road are unknown.

Those who have suffered injuries in Tennessee bus accidents may pursue claims for compensation for resulting medical expenses and other monetary damages. Negligence must be established by appropriate proof, and because this may be tricky, the assistance of an experienced motor vehicle attorney may be valuable. A lawyer will help assess whether there was negligence on the part of the driver and/or whether the bus company neglected to ensure the vehicle was maintained and in a safe condition. Typically, a personal injury lawyer will make use of professional investigators and accident reconstruction experts to gather the evidence required to present a successful claim in a civil court.