Unsafe motor vehicles can lead to fatal accidents

Tennessee owners of the vehicle made by General Motors may be interested in a report about parents in another state who claim the manufacturer was partly to blame for their daughter’s death. In addition to naming G.M. as a defendant in a product liability claim, the family named the retailer from whom they bought the car. The owner of the business at which the car was repaired shortly before it was purchased is also on the list of defendants. Unsafe motor vehicles have been linked to many fatal crashes in recent years.

The fatal accident that killed their daughter apparently occurred in May of last year and involved no other vehicles. The plaintiffs claim that their 18-year-old daughter’s car inexplicably left the road and rolled over before striking some trees and sliding down an embankment. According to accident reports, police stated that alcohol played no role in this fatal accident.

The plaintiffs say that they received official notice from G.M. less than a month after the fatal accident. The notification served to advise them of a recall related to a steering system defect in the car in which their daughter lost her life. They also determined that repairs to the car’s steering system were done by a repair shop less than six months before they purchased the vehicle. The family seeks in excess of $50,000 to cover their losses, along with compensation for legal fees and court costs.

Tennessee residents who have suffered the consequences of accidents involving unsafe motor vehicles due to defects may pursue compensation for medical expenses and other financial losses. Obtaining the evidence required for a successful product liability claim may not be easy; therefore, the experience and resources of product liability attorneys may prove beneficial. Each case is unique, and, after assessing the circumstances, the viability of each claim will be determined. All viable claims will be handled in a manner that will protect the rights of injured victims or the families who have lost loved ones due to auto defects.