Man killed in Tennessee truck accident

truck accident tends to be more serious than other motor vehicle accidents due to the force of impact and, on many occasions, the difference in size of the vehicles involved. A victim in a truck accident often suffers severe and even fatal injuries. In a recent tragedy, a 71-year-old Tennessee man lost his life after being involved in a crash. Another individual suffered injuries.

The accident happened on a recent Monday afternoon at a Murfreesboro intersection. Upon an initial investigation, police say that the collision happened when the driver of a dump truck rear-ended another vehicle in a line of stopped traffic. The vehicle struck the second vehicle, and in turn, the second vehicle hit the first. In addition, accident debris struck an oncoming vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle rear-ended by the dump truck was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Another driver suffered minor injuries, while the driver of the dump truck was unharmed. Authorities are still investigating this matter, and no other information was reported.

A fatal truck accident is devastating under any circumstances, especially for family members who learn that they lost a loved one. In addition to the grief involved, funeral costs and other financial issues often weigh on a victim’s survivors. There is legal recourse for a family confronting these circumstances when evidence of negligence exists, and claims for recovery of monetary damages may be pursued by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. When the driver presumed negligent was working at the time of a fatal accident, the employer may be added as an additional defendant in the litigation. While the civil process may seem overwhelming, an experienced personal injury attorney in Tennessee can answer questions and provide ongoing support in pursuing financial redress.